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ISD1700 Series Starter Kit

Audio signal recording and playback module based on ISD1700.

Neo GSM Starter Kit

Development module for GSM/GPRS applications which is based on SIM900. This module comes with USB Virtual COM Port and UART TTL interface.

Neo GPS Starter Kit

GPS development boaed based on SIM18 and capable to captureing 48 channel of satelite. Comes with USB, I2C and UART TTL interface to the microcontroller...

XB Starter Kit

RF module based on XBee with IEEE 802.15.4 standard communication which works at 2,4GHz.


GPS Starter Kit

GPS Development board based OEM GPS Receiver LR9540 (LR9548)


RFID Starter Kit + Tag Sampler

Developemt tool for RFID based applications. This kit comes with 2 types of RFID tag.


TCP/IP Starter Kit

TCP-IP development board based on NM7010A which is used to connecting microcontroller to the ethernet network in embedded applications.


GSM Starter Kit

Development module for GSM/GPRS application which is based on SIM300C. This module comes with 16x2 character LCD.



USB host controller module based on VNC-1L which can be used for USB device interfaces through UART, parallel FIFO and SPI.