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DT-Robot Tank Shield

DT-Robot Tank Shield is a shield module for DT-AVR Inoduino, Arduino Mega, Arduino UNO, and another Arduino compatible. This shield help Arduino module...

DT-Robot Line Tracking Shield

DT-Robot Line Tracking Shield is a shield/add-on module for DT-AVR Inoduino.

DT-Robot Plastic Gear Motor L Set

Plastic gear motor with L-form gear configuration for accessories of Robot Kit.

DT-Robot Plastic Gear Motor I Set

Plastic gear motor robot accessories.

DT-Robot Mini Metal Gear Motor Set

Metal gear motor for accesories of Robot Kit.

DT-Robot Mini Metal Gear High Speed Motor Set

High speed metal gear motor robot accessories.

DT-Robot Line Follower

Line Follower Wheeled Robot Kit. Its based microcontroller which can be reprogrammed according the many suitable applications.


DT-Robot Line Follower Base

Robot platform which equipped with electronics components and can be used for line follower robot. This robot platform based on microcontroller which can...