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PC-Link ISA PIO Card is a Programable Peripheral Interface (PPI) which has 24 I/O as extention port for PC through ISA slot. This module can be used as input and output for computer in several application, such as home automation, speed motor controller, ADC reader, DAC input, display controller, etc.

Dimension : 12,3 cm (L) x 12,3 cm (W) x 2,4 cm (H)

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Specifications :

  • Uses ISA slot (without external power supply)
  • Uses DB-25 female as I/O port.
  • Available eight address and can be selected by jumper configuration.
  • Available output voltage in pin 1 DB-25 (12VDC or 5VDC).
  • Comes with 12VDC, -12VDC and 5VDC connector. (optional for -5VDC connector)
  • Available example code in Borland Delphi and Turbo Pascal 7. Also another application can b found in AN17 to AN20.


Includes :

  • 1x PC-Link ISA PIO Card.
  • 1x Quick Start.

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