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DT-SENSE Humidity Sensor is a sensor-based intelligent system sensor module HH10D that can measure the amount of moisture in the air around the relational sensor. Smart sensor module has output digital data that has been terkalibrasi so that can be directly used without additional calculations. Example application of DT-SENSE Humidity Sensor is for HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning), micro climate controller, weather station, air humidity controllers, or other applications that require humidity relational information.


  • modules (the mounted HH10D sensor module): 5.3 cm (L) x 5 cm (W) x 1.7 cm (H)
  • the sensor module HH10D: 2.3 cm (L) x 1.3 cm (W) x 1.2 cm (H)
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  • Microcontroller and HH10D based sensor module.
  • Humidity measurement Range 1-99% RH.
  • Humidity measurement accuracy ± 3% RH.
  • Humidity measurement resolution ± 0.1% RH.
  • The I/O is compatible with TTL and CMOS voltage levels.
  • Have a UART TTL interface (38400 bps baud rate) and I ² C (maximum bit rate of 50 kHz).
  • 8 DT-SENSE Humidity Sensors can work on 1 line of communication I ² c.
  • The reading of the measurement data takes 2 milli seconds (maximum).
  • Need power supply DC 4.8-5.4 Volt.
  • There is an example of the use of the C language (CodeVisionAVR ©).



  • 1x DT-SENSE Humidity Sensor.
  • 1x HH10D sensor module.
  • 1x Quick Start.
  • 1 piece CD-ROM contains manuals, sample applications, etc.

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