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DT-SENSE IR Proximity Detector is a smart sensor which can be used to detect an object in range 5 - 25cm. The output of this module is digital data and also range detection an object can be determine manually. This module is well suited for smart robot, proximity switch, or another application.

Dimension :

  • IR Proximity Detector : 6,6 cm (L) x 5,8 cm (W) x 1,6 cm (H)
  • IR Sensor Module : 2,8 cm (L) x 2,2 cm (W) x 2,0 cm (H)


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Specifications :

  • Consist of two IR sensor module and has two mode, stand-alone or simultaneous
  • Range detection can be determine : 5cm - 25cm (for white color object)
  • Calibration can be done by pin configuration, does not need to trim the variable resisotor.
  • 3cm range of tolerance.
  • 250ms response time.
  • TTL/CMOS I/O compatible.
  • 38400bps UART TTL and 100kHz I2C interface.
  • Can be cascade up to eight modules through I2C interface.
  • I2C address can be selected by jumper configuration.
  • Available output pin active low when detection an object for each IR sensor.
  • Comes with LED object indicator for each IR sensor.
  • 4,8VDC - 5,4VDC input voltage.
  • Available PCB Spacer holes.
  • Comes with example code in C language (CodeVisionAVR).


Includes :

  • 1x DT-SENSE IR Proximity Detector.
  • 2x IR sensor and cable.

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