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DT-SENSE ALCOHOL SENSOR gas sensor module is suitable for the determination of the amount of alcohol contained in the air. Design of hardware modules have been designed with the aim to facilitate the use and implementation of sensorMQ-3, namely sensors for detecting alcohol levels with a range of 0.05 mg/L and 10 mg/L. This module suitable in applications such as breathalyzer, security systems, alarms, drive or other similar applications.

DT-SENSE ALCOHOL SENSORS are designed using high quality SMD components to be used in applications that require reliable performance and space requirements are minimal. On the side of the interface, there are two options for the userthat is TTL UART with baud rate 38400 bps or I2C module allowing forcascade up to 8 pieces.

Dimensions: 5.6 cm (p) x 4 cm (l) x 2.8 cm (t)

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  • Working voltage: 5 VDC.
  • Target gas: alcohol.
  • Detection Range : 0.05 mg/L and 10 mg/L.
  • Interface:
    • UART TTL: 38400 bps, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parityno flow control.
    • I2C: cancascade up to 8 modules in one line of communication.
  • Using 10-bit ADC for conversion of analog data from sensors.
  • Have an output in the form of digital data with a value of 0 to 1023 (ADC conversion results).
  • There is 1 piece variable resistors for setting the threshold value manually.
  • Provided a couple of jumpers to configure the pull-up I2C, load resistor, as well as variable resistors threshold.
  • Features of control on/off with 2 working mode selection i.e. hysterisis and window.
  • The i/o pins are compatible with the level of voltage TTL and CMOS.
  • Features 2 LED as an indicator.
  • Equipped with a series of EMI filters to reduce electromagnetic interference.
  • Gas sensors are compatible with:
    • MQ-3 (alcohol).
    • MQ-4 (methane).
    • MQ-6 (LPG).
    • MQ-7 (carbon monoxide).
    • MQ-135 (air quality).
    • MG-811 (carbon dioxide).




Application Note Table

Article File Desc date
[AN224] Antarmuka DT-Sense Gas Sensor menggunakan Arduino™ UNO

Interfacing between DT-Sense Gas Sensor and Arduino™ UNO, with simple testing program using i2cmaster Library