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DT-Sense Yaw Gyroscope is a gyscope module which measurement of angular velocity on Y-Axis based on ADXRS300. This module has a reference voltage output, angular velocity output votlage and internal temperature output voltage. This module is well suited for measurement of inertia, platfrom stabilization, humanoid robot, etc.

Dimensi : 2,0 cm (L) x 1,8 cm (W) x 1,3 cm (H)

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Specifications :

  • 5VDC input voltage.
  • Output votlage directly proposional with angular velocity.
  • On-chip temperature and 2,5VDC reference output voltage.
  • >2,5VDC output voltage for CW rotation and <2,5VDC output voltage for CCW rotation.
  • 2000 g powered shock survivability
  • Mampu menahan getaran atau akselerasi hingga 2000g.
  • High vibration rejection over wide frequency
  • Absolute rate output for precision applications
  • Ultrasmall and light.


Includes :

  • 1x DT-Sense Yaw Gyroscope.
  • 1x DVD.

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