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DT-Sense 3 Axis Compass is a magnetic field sensor module using IC HMC5883L from Honeywell. IC HMC5883L specially designed so that it fits on the application reading the magnetic field, the signposts and magnetometry. Examples of applications of this sensor module for sensors on a smartphone, netbook, auto-navigation systems, and other applications that require magnetic field measurements. Have available a sample program interface with microcontroller in a DVD package that can be developed according to the application user.

Dimensions: 2 cm (L) x 1.8 cm (W) x 1,9 cm (H)

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  • Requires 3.3 VDC power supply with low current consumption (up to 100 u).
  • Magnetic sensor with type have magnetoresistif 3 axis.
  • Reading of the magnetic field has a range of up to ± 8 Gauss with a resolution of 5 miligauss.
  • Has a compass accuracy up to 1 ° to 2 °.
  • Maximum output speed data up to 160 Hz (Single Measurement Mode).
  • Maximum output speed of 0.75 Hz to 75 Hz (Continuous Measurement Mode).
  • Using the I2C interface can be connected with a wide range of microcontroller systems.
  • The module has the dimensions of small and compact so that it is easily placed on a wide range of applications.



  • 1x DT-Sense 3 Axis Compass.

Application Note Table

Article File Desc date
[AN217] Digital Compass 2

This application note will explain how to build a digital compass application. This application note uses DT-AVR Maxiduino, DT-Sense 3 Axis Compass, DT-I/O Level Converter, DT-Proto Header Shield, and DT-I/O Graphic LCD 128x64 Yellow Green Backlight V2.0.