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DT-SENSE Photoreflector V2 is smart sensor which can be used to detection the difference of object color with their backgroud. This module has algorithm to determine an object. This module has UART TTL and I2C interfaces. This module is well suited for line follower robot, navigation robot, object detector robot or another application which uses photoreflector principle.

Attention :

DT-SENSE Photoreflector V2 uses different sensor from DT-SENSE Photoreflector V1. DT-SENSE Photoreflector V2 has changed on fimrware and hardware version.

Version 2 does not compatible with version 1 and vice versa.


Dimension :

  • Photoreflector module : 8,5 cm (L) x 6,9 cm (W) x 1,6 cm (H)
  • Sensor module v2 : 5,2 cm (L) x 1,2 cm (W) x 1,6 cm (H)
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Specifications :

  • Based on microcontroller
  • Eight input photoreflector sensor modules.
  • TTL/CMOS I/O compatible.
  • Interfaces :
    • UART TTL (38400 bps baud rate )
    • I²C (100 kHz bit rate)
  • Can be cascaed up ti eight module on one I2C bus.
  • 4-6mm range of sensor to object.
  • 500K potensiometer to adjust the voltage of each sensor.
  • 250Hz sampling rate.
  • 9 - 12VDC input voltage with regulator or 4,8VDC - 5,4VDC input voltage without regulator.
  • Available example code for DT-AVR Low Cost Micro System.


Includes :

  • 1x DT-SENSE Photoreflector V2.
  • 1x DT-SENSE Photoreflector Sensor V2 (4pcs sensor module).
  • 1x DVD.

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