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EMS ETHERNET MODULE is the module interface ethernet communication with the microcontroller/microprocessor interface IC based ENC28J60 SPI. This module works with TTL voltage level 5V. IC ENC28J60 on this module has been integrated with MAC and 10 Base-T PHY equipped with detection and correction capability to automatically the polarity. This module fit applied to embedded web server, embedded DHCP server as well as other application based ethernetcommunications.

Dimension: 7.3 cm (L) x 4.0 cm (W) x 1.6 cm (H)

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  • IC-Based ENC28J60.
    • Compatible with IEEE 802.3 Ethernet controller.
    • Integrated with MAC & 10 Base-T PHY.
    • Available 1 port 10 Base-T equipped with automatic polarity detection and correction.
    • Supports full duplex mode and half duplex.
    • Delivery restart automatically (programmable).
    • Calculation of the CRC (programmable).
    • The wrong package refusal automatically (programmable).
  • SPI interface with clock frequencies of up to 20 MHz, 5V TTL level and.
  • Data transfer ethernet up to 10 Mbps.
  • Data Buffer of 8 kBytes for data packets that are sent or received (shared buffers).
  • Supports packet data unicast, multicast, or broadcast.
  • The MAC address can be programmed.
  • The MAG comes with a JACK that is equipped with a transformer and the connection status indicator (active & link).
  • Available for operation mode selection jumper (full or half duplex).
  • SMD components are made using the dimensions of the module is quite compact.
  • The interrupt pins available to know of any data received.
  • This module can be accessed through the headers that include housing, so minimize wiring errors.
  • 5 VDC power supply through terminal 2 pin blue.
  • Compatible with Low Cost AVR DT- series microprocessor systems and support/other microcontroller.



  • 1x LAN cable with cross over configuration (p = ± 120 cm).

Application Note Table

Article File Desc date
[AN221] Web Server I/O Remote Menggunakan DT-ARM NUC120 Board dan EMS Ethernet Module

The goal of this application is to build a system to configure and read the input/output lines on DT-ARM NUC120 Board remotely using web server. In this application, we try to use the advantage of I/O and interrupt systems of NUC120RD2BN microcontroller on DT-ARM NUC120 Board.

[AN220] Simple Web Server

In this application, we try to build a simple web server or website using EMS Ethernet Module dan DT-ARM NUC120 Board. EMS Ethernet Module acts as an ethernet controller module to bridge the communication between DT-ARM NUC120 Board (via SPI interface) with a computer network. Simple web content is stored in NUC120RD2BN's flash memory on DT-ARM NUC120 Board. The program in DT-ARM NUC120 Board is written in C language using Programmer editor and CooCox CoIDE compiler.

[AN180] Simple Web Server

This application note will explain how to build a simple web server. This application note uses DT-AVR Low Cost Micro System and EMS Ethernet Module.