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EMS RF Transceiver Shield is a Arduino shield compatible which can be used to transmit and receive data via wireless. EMS Transceiver Shield is designed as Add-On module for DT-AVR Inoduino. Installation can be done without any additonal wire jumper. Beside DT-AVR Inoduino, this shield can be connected to the another Arduino board to pay attention about the pin configuration.

EMS RF Transceiver Shield is designed based on 433MHz RFM12S which can comunicate throught wireless on frequency 433Mhz and has range up to 150 meter. RFM12S uses SPI interface to comunicate with host module. This module is well suited for wireless application.

Dimension : 8 cm (L) x 5,3 cm (W) x 2,1 cm (H)

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Specifications : 

  • Based on 433MHz RFM12S.
  • 5VDC input voltage.
  • Frequency : 433Mhz
  • Range : > 150m
  • Data rate : 115,2 bps.
  • Interface : SPI
  • Four additional pins.
  • Available antenna connector and antenna pad for custom antenna.
  • Comes with EMI filter.
  • Low power (standby < 0,3uA)
  • Comes with application note to control tank robot.

Video :

Includes :

  • 1x EMS RF Transceiver Shield.
  • 1x  433 MHz antenna.

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