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DT-Robot Line Follower Base is low cost version of the DT-Robot Line Follower. This kit does not include driving wheels and line sensor module. Whereas for programming code, layout and circuit schematic are same with DT-Robot Line Follower. This kit is very helpful for robotics enthusiasts to modify or build a new robot. This kit robot is designed for line follower application and also well suited to learning about line follower robot.

Dimension : 15,2 cm (L) x 12,8 cm (W) x 7 cm (H)

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Specifications :

  • Based on ATmega168.
  • Equipped with dual H-Bridge SN754419 internal driver motor.
  • Whitout driving wheels.
  • Whitout line sensor module.
  • Comes with 8x2 LCD character.
  • UART RS-232 interface.
  • Three switches for input button and reset button.
  • 5x2 ISP Port for downloading code.
  • One On-Off switch for power supply.
  • Six AA-size battery ( 1,2VDC or 1,5VDC).
  • Example code in C programming language.
  • GUI PC for windows to setting parameters.
  • Re-programmed microcontroller.
  • The sensor module can be replaced with another sensor.


Includes :

  • 1x DT-Robot Line Follower Base.
  • 1x Serial cable.
  • 1x DVD.

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