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DT-AVR ATMEGA328 CPU Module is a microcontroller module based on Atmel's ATmega328 which has ISP programming feature. You can use this module alone or with DT-COMBO Basic Base Board to provides standard interfaces such as: I/O ports, interfaces, and supply circuits.

Dimension: 6,1 cm (L) x 5,75 cm (W) x 1,8 cm (H)

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  • Based on ATmega328 (32 kBytes flash memory, 1 kBytes EEPROM, 2 kBytes internal SRAM) which has features as:
    • 2 channels 8-bit Timer/Counter
    • 1 channel 16-bit Timer/Counter
    • 6 channels PWM
    • 8 channels 10-bit ADC
    • Interfaces: USART, SPI, I2C
    • Watchdog Timer and Analog Comparator
  • 22 I/O pins
  • Integrated 8 MHz crystal oscillator
  • ISP port to burn your code in to ATmega328 using external programmer device such as: DT-HiQ AVR In System Programmer, DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP atau DT-HiQ AVR-51 USB ISP
  • Comes with LED as power indicator
  • Jumper selection for PORTB.6 and PORTB.7 that can be used as I/O pins or to be connected to on-board crystal oscillator
  • 2,7 VDC - 5,5 VDC working voltage
  • Can be combined with DT-COMBO BASIC BASE BOARD for ease of use



  • 1x DT-AVR ATMEGA328 CPU Module
  • 1x DVD-ROM that contains manual, schematic, testing procedure, software, and Innovative Electronics' offline website

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