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TGS2444 is a new ammonia gas sensor fabricated with a screen printing technique. Its sensitivity to ammonia and cross sensitivity to alcohol is superior to conventional MOS sensors, making it possible to detect concentrations as low as 10ppm. By using a multi-layer structure and pulse drive, the sensor can achieve low power consumption (56mW).

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  • Target gases : Ammonia 
  • range:10 ~ 100 ppm 
  • sensitivity (change ratio of Rs) : 0.0.63 ~ 0.63 
  • Circuit Voltage:VC=0V for 245ms, VC=5.0V±0.2V DC for 5ms 
  • Heater Voltage:VHH=4.8V±0.2V DC, 14ms ;’ VHL=0.0, for 236ms 


  • Low power consumption 
  • High sensitivity/selectivity to ammonia (NH3) 
  • Miniature size 

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