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  • Miniature size and low power consumption
  • High sensitivity and selectivity to both methane and carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Low sensitivity to alcohol vapor
  • Long life and low cost
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Target gases Methane, Carbon Monoxide
Typical detection range Methane - 500-12500 ppm
Carbon monoxide - 50-1000ppm
Sensing principle MOS type
Driving voltages Heater Voltage:VHH = 0.9V(5sec.)
VHL = 0.2V(15sec.)
Circuit Voltage:5.0V DC pulse
Power consumption 120mW VHH = 0.9V DC
11mW VHL = 0.2V DC
38mW average
Dimensions φ9.2×13.0mm
Weight Approx. 1.1g

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