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DT-ARM LPC11U14 is a LPC11U14FBD48/201 microcontroller development board based on ARM Cortex-M0 CPU from NXP. This module allows the CPU to run at 48MHz. This module also has been equipped with internal bootloader so does not need externall programmer device. Downloading code by bootloader can be done through USB (external chip FTDI, not internal USB controller).

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Specifications :

  • Based on LPC11U14FBD48/201 microcontroller (32 KB Flash memory, 6 KB SRAM, CPU ARM Cortex-M0).

  • 12MH Crystal External

  • Two USB Port (FTDI and USB Device internal).

  • One RS-485 Port.

  • UART interface 3,3VDC TTL level voltage on GPIO3 (share with FTDI connection).

  • Serial Communication and downloading code through USB (virtual com port)

  • Serial Wire Debug Port for debuging and downloading programming code by external programmer.

  • 32 I/O.

  • Eight 10-bit ADC.

  • Run at 3,3VDC with 800mA maximum current consumption.

  • 5VDC – 9VDC / 5VDC from USB for Power Supply.


Includes :

  • 1x DT-ARM LPC11U14 Board.

  • 2x USB Cable.

  • 1x DVD consist of manual, circuit schematic, procedure testing, supported software, and Innovative Electronics offline Website.

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