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DT-COMBO AVR EXERCISE KIT is a educational kit to learning AVR microcontroller family which is combined with DT-COMBO AVR-51 STARTER KIT. This kit is suitable for everyone who want to learning AVR Family microcontroller.


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Includes :

  • 1"Panduan Praktis Mikrokontroler Keluarga AVR" book.

  • ATMEGA8535 & ATTINY2313 microcontroller.

  • 128 Byte serial EEPROM (AT24C01A).

  • 8 KB SRAM (6264).

  • 8-bit double buffered D/A converter (DAC0832).

  • LM35DZ temperature sensor & LDR for light sensor.

  • 5V DC Motor, 9VDC Bipolar stepper motor, Servo motor.

  • 0,5inch seven segment , 5x7 0,7inch Dot matrix , 4x4 keypad, 5V SPDT Relay.

  • L293D Driver motor, LM358 Op-amp, 2,5V Diode reference (LM336-2.5).

  • 1set diode, 1set resistor, 1set capacitor, and cable.

Application Note Table

Article File Desc date
[AN55] Digital Controller

This application note will explain how to build a digital motor controller application. This application note uses DT-51 Low Cost Micro System and de KITS SPC DC Motor.