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  • Temperature signal isolation, acquisition and transfer
  • Industry site high-precision temperature measure
  • Terminal resistance signal isolation and temperature control
  • Ground interference suppression
  • Temperature sensor signal converter to standard signal
  • Oil temperature measure and Alarm
  • Signal remote without distortion transmission
  • Power monitoring, medical equipment, temperature control isolation barrier


ISO W-Z Series RTD Thermal Resistanct to DC Current/Voltage Transmitter is a kind of mixed integrate circuits which integrates a set of isolated DC/DC converters, linearization disposal and long line compensation circuit, can bring two group of each other isolated power to input port for magnifying circuit, modulating circuit powered and output port demodulation. They can meet industrial wide temperature, humidity, shaky poor operation condition.
ISO W-Z Series temperatures signal isolation amplifier is very convenient, with minimal external components, can be realized Pt100 RTD signal isolation transmitter. And can achieve the industrial site temperature control signal into two, into four functions.

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  • Three-wire, four-wire or two-wire PT100/Cu50 thermal resistance signal input
  • Accuracy, Linearization error grade:0.2(Relative Temperature)
  • Built-in linear processing and long-term compensation circuit
  • Isolation Voltage: 3000VDC Three port: input/power/output
  • Auxiliary Power Supply:5V、12V、15V or 24VDC
  • International standard signal output:4-20mA/0-5V/0-10V etc
  • Small size, low cost, easy use and high reliability
  • Standard DIP 24/SIP12 Pin, UL94V-0 package
  • Industrial temperature range: - 45℃ ~ + 85 ℃

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