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  • High power density
  • 1500V high galvantic isolation.
  • No heat sink required.
  • Regulated single/dual output
  • Rated 2-5W,6-12W,15-20W output
  • Industrial standard pin-out
  • PCB Mounted type dc-dc IC.
  • Over current/short circuit protection



  • Electric Power System, Power monitoring,voltage conversion.
  • dual power isolation in digital communication ports of RS232/485, CAN bus.
  • power supply isolation in intelligent control, security equipments, telecom,etc.
  • safety isolation in ground loop elimination, medical equipments and instrument.
  • Isolation & power supply for analogue electric circuit ( Transmitter & sensors). 
  • Power supply isolation & transfer for safety monitoring and smart building system. 
  • Ground loop interference control. 
  • Car electric circuit power isolation & distribution.                        
  • Battery power supply, voltage transfer, power distribution.                      
  • PLC, DCS,PC isolation regulated power supply.
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5V/12V/24V/24V/48V DC-DC Converter Parameters

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