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DT-PROTO 40 Pin MCS-51 is a proto board based on AT89S51 micrcontroller which comes with UART RS232 communication port and designed to support In-system Programming feature (for microcontroller with ISP feature). This module comes with array pads for external circuit, therefore this module is well suited for experimenting, creating basic applications, or even for product prototype.
Dimension: 12.1 cm (L) x 10.1 cm (W) x 2.2 cm (H)


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  • Based on AT89S51 microcontroller which has 4K byte Flash PEROM and 128 byte RAM.
  • Compatible with other 40 pins MCS-51 such as: AT89S, AT89LS, AT89C.
  • 32 I/O lines.
  • There are lines each of which is connected to RST, PSEN, ALE, X1, and X2 on microcontroller.
  • 9 - 12 VDC supply input, and there is 5 VDC output voltage for external circuit.
  • 5x2 In-system Programming header (Atmel's standard) for programming using external programmer device.
  • 1x UART RS-232 communication port (RJ11).
  • Integrated with 11,0592 MHz crystal.
  • External reset circuit with brown-out detector and manual reset switch.
  • 1.018 through-hole pads for prototype area (suitable for DIP, pitch = 0,1")
  • 3 connected pads lines that can be used as voltage supply lines (VIN, GND, +5V) or other lines.
  • Comes with test code to test port 0 - port 3 and UART RS232 serial communication functionality.


  • 1x DT-PROTO 40 Pin MCS-51.
  • 1x set of serial cable.

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