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DT-PROTO 40 Pin AVR Analog is a proto board based on ATmega8535 which has UART RS-232 port and support In-System Programming feature. Available pad array for additional electronics circuit. This module suitable for experiment, create prototype products, or create simple single chip application, such as LED display controller, driver motor controller, robot controller, data communication to PC, read value of digital or analog sensor, memory access and PPI.

Dimension : 12.1 cm (L) x 10.1 cm (W) x 2.2 cm (H)

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Specifications :

  • Based on ATmega8535 microcontroller which 8KByte Flash memory, 512 Byte EEPROM, 512 SRAM and Eight 10-bit ADC.
  • Support various of 40pin AVR analog, such as AT90S8535, AT90S4434, ATmega16, ATmega163, ATmega32, and ATmega323. 32 I/O.
  • Available option connection for RESET, AREF, X1 and X2 pin.9-12VDC power supply, and available 5V voltage output.
  • Comes with LED indicator and 5x2 header for downloading code using external device programmer ATMEL standard.
  • One UART RS-232 port by RJ11 connector.4Mhz crystal oscillator.
  • External reset circuit with brown-out detector and manual reset button.
  • Available selected jumper for reset sources.
  • Prototype area consist of 0.1inch 1,018 pad through-hole.
  • Begin SN 51.45.109, DT-Proto 40 Pin AVR Analog used PCB plated through-hole with 1008 pad array.
  • Available 3 line pads which connected each other, so can be used as power supply line (VIN, GND, 5VDC) or another line.
  • Comes with testing code to testing PORTA-PORTD and UART RS-232 communication.


Includes :

  • 1x DT-PROTO 40 Pin AVR Analog board.
  • 1x Serial cable.

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