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SPC Series LCD Board Only is a module for displaying data to the output is suit code LCD Character LCD Generator. Compatible with DT-51 MinSys and accompanied the routine-ready-made routines.

In addition the SPC Series LCD may also accept ASCII data from the COM port of the computer and the LCD display it directly Only with the help of the program HyperTerminal.

Dimensions: 9, 9 cm (L) x 3, 6 cm (W) x 3, 7cm (H)

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  • Based ' SPC ' Smart Controllers.
  • Have an I2C interface, Synchronous Serial, UART TTL and RS-232 UART.
  • Can dialamati and developed up to 8 modules in a single system.
  • Can be connected with a buzzer.
  • There is a wide range of variants and compatible with a wide range of character size LCD (with drivers that are compatible with-HD44780)-optional.



  • 1x SPC Serial LCD.
  • 1x CD.
  • 2x Quick Start sheet.

Application Note Table

Article File Desc date
[AN82] Serial LCD Display

This application note will explain how to use serial LCD. This application note uses DT-AVR Low Cost Nano System / Low Cost Micro System, SPC Serial LCD.

[AN64] Membaca Nomor Identitas Secara Wireless

This application note will explain how to build RFID application. This application note uses DT-BASIC Micro System / Mini System, ID-10 RFID, de KITS SPC Serial LCD.

[AN51] How 2 Use: de KITS SPC Character LCD w/ PC

This application note will explain how to use de KITS SPC Character LCD with PC. This application note uses de KITS SPC Character LCD with LCD.

[AN148] Multiple Interface Serial LCD

This application note will explain how to user SPC Serial LCD. This application note uses DT-51 Low Cost Micro System / Low Cost Nano System and SPC Serial LCD.