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DT-HiQ Nu-Link is a debugger and programmer tool using SWD (Serial Wire Debug) interface for Nuvoton NuMicro™ ARM® chip family. DT-HiQ NU-LINK can be connected to the PC/Laptop via USB interface and draws power from USB port. DT-HiQ NU-LINK supports ICP (In-Circuit Programming) feature to update firmware using NuMicro™ ICP Programming Tool software. This tool also supports other popular ARM® application development software such as Keil RVMDK and CooCox CoIDE.

Dimension : 8.5 cm (L) x 2.03 cm (W) x 1.4 cm (H)

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Specification :

  • Can be used for Nuvoton NuMicro™ ARM® chips which have SWD feature.
  • Operates at target voltage of 2.7V - 5.5V.
  • USB Interface to PC.
  • Draws power from USB port.
  • Can be configured (via jumper) to output 3.3 V or 5 V which can be used to power the target board.

Video :

Includes :

  • 1x DT-HiQ Nu-Link.
  • 1x flat ribbon cable.
  • 1x Acrylic case (optional)

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