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EMS Logger PiShield is an add-on module for Raspberry Pi®. This module uses I2C and SPI in GPIO Raspberry Pi® header. This module is equipped with Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) inputs and Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) outputs. This module is also equipped with Real Time Clock (RTC), thus can be used as time source for Raspberry Pi® without having to connect to the internet or setting date and time manually. Its application example is as sensors data logger.

Dimension : 5.77 cm (L) x 5.64 cm (W) x 2.1 cm (H)


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Specification :

  • Two channel 12-bit ADC based on MCP3202 with 5 Volt voltage reference.
  • Two channel 12-bit DAC based on MCP4922 with 5 Volt voltage reference.
  • RTC based on DS1307, with 56 bytes NV SRAM and 3 Volt battery backup.
  • Equipped with hex buffers/drivers based on SN74LVC07, so that this module can be connected directly to I/O in Raspberry Pi® header.
  • I2C interface for RTC and SPI interface for ADC-DAC.
  • Input range ADC 0 - 5 Volt.
  • Output range DAC 0 - 5 Volt.
  • Requires power supply from Raspberry Pi®.
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi® type A, type B, and type B+.

Video :

Includes :

  • 1x EMS Logger PiShield.

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