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DT-PROTO 20 Pin AVR Digital is a proto board based on ATtiny2313 which comes with UART RS-232 communication port and designed to support In-system Programming feature. This module is suitable for experimenting, creating basic applications, or even for product prototype such as: LED display, motor driver controller, robot, data communication with computer, reading digital value from sensor, accessing memory and PPI.
Dimension: 10.1 cm (L) x 9 cm (W) x 2.2 cm (H)

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  • Based on ATtiny2313 microcontroller which has 2K byte Flash memory, 128 byte EEPROM, and 128 byte SRAM.
  • Compatible with other 20 pins digital AVR such as: AT90(L)S1200 and AT90(L)S2313.
  • Up to 18 I/O lines.
  • 9 - 12 VDC supply input, and there is 5 VDC output voltage for external circuit.
  • Integrated with LED indicator and 5x2 In-system Programming header (Atmel's standard) for programming using external programmer device.
  • 1x UART RS-232 communication port (RJ11).
  • Integrated with 4 MHz crystal.
  • External reset circuit with brown-out detector and manual reset switch.
  • Jumper for reset source selection.
  • 744 non through-hole pads for prototype area (suitable for DIP, pitch = 0,1").
  • Starting from s/n 51.48.075, DT-Proto 20 Pin AVR Digital will use PCB plated through hole with around 742 pads.
  • 3 connected pads lines that can be used as voltage supply lines (VIN, GND, +5V) or other lines.
  • Comes with test code to test port B & port D and UART RS232 serial communication functionality.


  • 1x DT-PROTO 20 Pin AVR Digital.
  • 1x set of serial cable.

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