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DT-Proto USB is a proto board for FT232R chip which is can be used as UART to USB converter. You can use this module for exploring FT232R's features. You can connect FT232R's I/O pins to external circuit. This module comes with power supply circuit and mini USB port.

Dimension : 10,2 cm (L) x 7,6 cm (W) x 1,8 cm (H)

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Specifications :

  • Based on FT232R and MAX3232CDR.
  • Comes with mini USB port and RJ-45 port (RS-232).
  • On-board regulator with 2 options for output voltage (3,3VDC or 5VDC).
  • Able to accommodate 8 signals (UART, Tx, Rx, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, CD, and RI).
  • Support 8-bit/7-bit, 1/2 stop bit, add/even/mark/space parity, handshaking.
  • 300 - 3 Mbps communication speed.
  • 256 bytes internal receiver buffer and 128 bytes transmitter buffer.
  • Comes with proto board to put external circuit.
  • Can be used as USB to UART RS-232 or UAS to UART TTL converter.
  • Bit Bang feature which can change the function of 8-pin UART as 8-bit I/O.
  • There is CBUS pin as transmit enable RS485, LED as indicator, sleep mode, CBUS Bit Banf Mode, etc.
  • With CBUS Bit Bang Mode you can use Bit Bang feature in conjuction with USB to UART converter through 4-bit CBUS pin.

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