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DT-PROTO Arduini PiShield is a Raspberry Pi shield which allow to Arduino shield can be connected to the Raspberry Pi. This modules offer plug and play simplicity without worried about level voltage and pin layout.

Dimension : 6,4 cm (L) x 5,65 cm (W) x 1,9 cm (H)

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Specifications :

  • Compatible layout with Raspberry Pi, Arduino Shield or Arduino Compatible Shield.
  • Integrated with TXS0108EPWR as the voltage translator 3,3V to 5VDC and vice versa.
  • Support bi-directional I/PComes with jumper selection of level voltage (3,3VDC or 5VDC)Comes with hole spacer as the barrier.
  • Comes with WiringPi v2 library (modified by Innovative Electronics)


Includes :

  • 1x DT-Proto Arduino PiShield board.

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