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DT-HiQ AVR In System Programmer is a device programmer which can be combined by CodeVisionAVR for downloading code into AVR microcontrollers that have In-System Programming feature.

Dimension : 6,0 cm (L) x 4,8 cm (W) x 2,2 cm (H)

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Specifications :

  • Parallel(LPT) Port Interface.

  • Compatible with AVR ISP In System Programmer software which is support Kanda System STK200/300 feature, such as CodeVisionAVR.

  • Standard ATMEL Connector.

  • 3,3 – 5V power supply

  • Not affected port while “Running”

  • Comes output pin for programming indicator.

  • Support Operating System : Windows® 9x/NT™ 4/2000/XP.

  • Compatible with another ATMEL Microcontrollers which have ISP feature, such as

    • AT90S1200.

    • AT90S2313.

    • AT90S2323(L).

    • AT90S2343(L).

    • AT90S8515.

    • AT90S8535(L).

    • ATmega8515(L).

    • ATmega8535(L).

    • ATmega16(L).

    • ATmega162(L/U/V).

    • ATmega169(L/V).

    • ATtiny13.

    • ATtiny22(L).

    • ATtiny26(L).


Includes :

  • 1x AVR In System Programmer + ISP cable (1,2 m).

Application Note Table

Article File Desc date
[AN54] How 2 Use: de KITS AVR ISP Programmer Cable

This application note will explain how to use de KITS AVR ISP Programmer Cable. This application note uses de KITS AVR ISP Programmer Cable.

[AN188] Implementasi Arduino pada DT Series

This application note will explain how to implement Arduino's bootloader and code into DT Series. This application uses DT-Proto 28-Pin AVR / DT-AVR ATmega328 CPU Module / DT-AVR ATmega1280 CPU Module and DT-HiQ AVR In-System Programmer / DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP.

[AN184] DT-Robot Line Follower (WinAVR)

This application note will explain how to use DT-Robot Line Follower with WinAVR code. This application note uses DT-Robot Line Follower and DT-HiQ AVR In System Programmer / DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP / DT-HiQ AVR-51 USB ISP.