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Begin Serial Number : 51.62.1208, DT-HiQ AVR-51 USB ISP mkII has changed in firmware version. More detailed information can be found in the bottom of this page.

DT-HiQ AVR-51 USB ISP mkII (protocol ATMEL AVRISP MKII) is a new version of DT-HiQ AVR-51 USB ISP [protocol STK-500].

DT-HiQ AVR-51 USB ISP mkII is a In -System Programmer which can be connected to PC through USB port for downloading code into AVR or MCS-51 microcontroller which has ISP function. This programmer module compatible with programmer software which supported ATMEL AVRISP MKII, protocol such as AVR Studio, CodeVisionAVR, AVRDUDE and BASCOM-AVR for AVR microcontroller. DT-HiQ AVR-51 USB ISP comes with programmer software for Windows to downloading code in MCS-51 microcontroller.

Dimension : 6,6 cm (L) x 4,1 cm (W) x 1,5 cm (H).

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Specifications :   

  • Can be used for AVR or MCS-51 microcontroller which has ISP function.   
  • Supported IC :       
    • AVR Family
      Depend on programmer software which used.
    • MCS-51 Family:
      AT89LP2052, AT89S2051, AT89S51, AT89S53, AT89S8252, AT89S8253, AT89LP4052, AT89S4051, AT89S52, AT89LS53, AT89LS8252
  • USB inferface
  • 2,7VDC to 5,5VDC power supply
  • Power Supply from taget board (max. 50mA @ 5,5VDC), so safe for PC is short circuit is happened.
  • Uses ATMEL AVRISP MKII protocol for AVR microcontroller.
  • Support Flash, EEPROM, Lock Bit, Fuse Bit Programming and support Intel HEX or BIN format files.
  • Comes with programmer software for MCS-51 microcontroller.
  • Availabe two ISP ATMEL Standard connector (5x2) for ATMEL and MCS-51.
  • Compatible USB driver for Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
  • Metal case.
  • Comes with LED power and status.
  • Comes with converter socket for 10 pin to 6 pin ISP Standard ATMEL connector.
  • Comes with Troubleshooting Solutions document.New feature for DT-HiQ AVR-51 USB ISP mkII Ver2.AVR
  • Can be used on ATMEL Studio 6.
  • Can be used for burn bootloader on Arduino IDE (using a modified AVRDUDE from Innovative Electronics.)MCS-51
  • Faster and more stable on reading or writing code.

DT-HiQ AVR-51 USB ISP mkII Ver2 uses firmware version 2.2.0.

DT-HiQ AVR-51 USB ISP mkII Ver2 uses software AT89_USB_ISP_Software.exe version

DT-HiQ AVR-51 USB ISP mkII Ver2 uses AVRDUDE version 5.11.1 date modified 13/08/2012 (by IE Team).

Updated software can be found on update page.


Inclludes :

  • 1x DT-HiQ AVR-51 USB ISP mkII.
  • 1x USB cable (L=±70 cm).
  • 1x DT-HiQ AVR ISP 10 to 6 Converter board.


Application Note Table

Article File Desc date
[AN42] Kontrol Suhu I

This application note will explain how to build a temperature controller. This application note uses DT-51 PetraFuz and DT-51 I2C ADDA and de KITS Relay Board.

[AN184] DT-Robot Line Follower (WinAVR)

This application note will explain how to use DT-Robot Line Follower with WinAVR code. This application note uses DT-Robot Line Follower and DT-HiQ AVR In System Programmer / DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP / DT-HiQ AVR-51 USB ISP.