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SPC Infrared Transceiveris a Infra Red Transceiver module which support four type of communication protocols, such as SONY, PANASONIC, PHILIPS, and Raw Data. SPC Transceiver can be used on wireless application, remote data transmitter, remote data receiver, remote controller data reader, etc.

Dimension : 8,1 cm (L) x 4,2 cm (W) x 2,1 cm (H)

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Specifications :

  • Support four type of communication protocol, such as SONY, PANASONICS, PHILIPS, and Raw Data.
  • Support 2 ways half duplex (maximum range is 35m @ indoor and 0° angle (LOS))
  • Carrier frequency (transmitter) : 36kHz, 38kHz, 41kHz.
  • Carried frequency (receiver) : 32kHz - 42kHz.
  • Three option interface : Synchrounous Serial TTL, UART TTL, and UART RS-232.
  • 5VDC Power Supply
  • Can be connected to the COM Port on PC directly by UART RS-232 interface.
  • Available some functions read to use on assembly language for MCS-51 Series.
  • Compatible with DT-51 Minimum System, DT-51 Low Cost Micro System, DT-51 Low Cost Nano System and another microcontroller.


Includes :

  • 1x SPC Infrared Transceiver.
  • 1x Serial cable.
  • 1x quick start.
  • 1x CD

Application Note Table

Article File Desc date
AN159.pdf AN159.pdf
[AN159] Kendali Relay dengan Remote TV

This application note will explain how to use television remote control to turn on some electronic devices. This application note uses SPC IR Transceiver, DT-AVR Low Cost Micro System, and DT-IO Neo Relay Board.

[AN158] Remote TV Berbasis ATtiny2313

This application note will explain how to use SPC IR Transceiver to emulate some popular protocols. This application note uses DT-AVR Low Cost Nano System, SPC IR Transceiver, and DT-I/O I/O Logic Tester.