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SPC SERVO MOTOR CONTROLLER is the servo motor controller module can control up to 20 servo motor simultaneously as well as sequential. This module supports standard servo motor as well as continuous. SPC SERVO MOTOR CONTROLLER provides 3 options i.e. TTL UART interface, UART, RS-232 and I2C. This module is equipped with software to design the movement with a specific sequence and save the movement sequence so that it is appropriate for the application of Robotics as well as other applications that use a servo motor.

Dimensions: 8.3 cm (p) x 6.3 cm (l) x 1.8 cm (t)

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  • Can be used for controlling servo motors up to 20 simultaneous and sequential.
  • Supports standard type servo motor and continuous.
  • Servo control pulse resolution of 1 us.
  • Support the ability of slender servo so that the user can adjust the speed of each servo motor individually.
  • Features the ability to read pulse control (position), Enable and Disable the servo servo, ability to store and run up to 32 a sequence of movements, as well as the ability to save and return to the home position (default).
  • Equipped with 3 selectable interface options:
    • UART TTL 38400 bps configuration, without parity (None), 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no flow control.
    • UART RS-232 configuration 38400 bps, no parity (None), 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no flow control. This module is equipped with a serial cable for connection with a computer.
    • I2C with bit rate (data transfer rate) up to 100 khz.
  • On the I2C interface, 8 SERVO MOTOR CONTROLLER SPC module can be connected together on a single I2C for control of routes to the 8x20 servo motor.
  • I2C address settings for the hardware through the configuration jumper.
  • Equipped with an explanation of the Command Set is used to access the module.
  • Comes with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) which consists of 2 parts:
    • SEQUENCE EDITOR that you can use to design the sequence of movement servo motor.
    • COMMAND Tester which can be used to test the command set over UART RS-232 interface.
  • The power supply modules with servo motor and power supply are equipped with LED indicators of power supply.
  • Equipped with chip EMI filters to attenuate the noise power supply.
  • Pin power supply module and servo pin & I2C interface UART TTL use terminal & blue so that simplify the process of wiring.
  • Range power supply module: 6.5-12 VDC.




Application Note Table

Article File Desc date
[AN181] SPC for Hexapod Robot

This application note will explain how to build a Hexapod robot. This application note uses SPC Servo Motor Controller, SPC Blue-Link, and DT-AVR Low Cost Nano System (with ATtiny2313 microcontroller).