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SPC Low Cost Motor Controller is a DC/Stepper Motor controller for 4 DC motor or 2 stepper motor which has been equipped with driver motor so can be connected to the DC/Stepper motor directly. Control the direction and speed of 4 DC motor uses PWM methode and control the direction and speed of stepper motor uses full step & half step. This module has been equipped with UART TTL and I2C interface to communicate with another device.

Dimension : 6,5 cm (L) x 4,1 cm (W) x 1,7 cm (H)

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Specifications :

  • Can bed used to controlling the direction and speed of 4 DC motor or 2 stepper motor.
  • Based on A3988 (Quad DMOS Full Bridge PWM Motor Driver).
  • Maximum drain current for each channel up to 1.2 Ampere
  • Support Unipolar Stepper Motor (5,6 cables configuration) or bipolar (4 cables configuration)
  • 4,8VDC - 5,4VDC power supply.
  • Support 8VDC - 36VDC for motor power supply.
  • Seperated power supply GND line with motor GND line by chip EMI filter to reduce noise from motor power supply.
  • Control the direction and speed of DC motor uses PWM.
  • Control the direction and speed of stepper motor uses half step and full step.
  • Motor type selection can be done through jumper configuration.
  • Available 2 interface :
    • UART TTL,  with baud rate 38400 bps, 8 databit, 1 stopbit, and no parity bit.
    • I2C, with slave configraution and up to 50 kHz bit rate.
  • Can be cascade up to 8 modules on one I2C bus.
  • I2C address can be selected by software (without jumper configuration) and available 8 address I2C.
  • Available 8x2 header connector to connect to another module or external circuit.
  • Comes with 4 LED's indicator.
  • Available command to stop the motor rotation for all motor simultaneously and command to rotate the stepper motor in certain step of rotation.
  • Available example code to uses with UART TTL and I2C interface.


Includes :

  • 1x SPC Low Cost Motor Controller board.

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