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SPC Neo DC Motor 1.2 A controller module is 1-2 DC motors with different rotation direction 2. This module requires an additional controller to control the motor. In addition, this module was equipped with a Dual H-Bridge Drivers Full , so the module can be directly connected to the motor.

Dimensions: 5.8 cm (L) x 3 cm (W) x 1, 7cm (H)

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  • Based on ATtiny2313 driver control center as the motor.
  • Based on the TB6612FNG as a motor driver IC, so it does not require additional driver module the motor.
  • Able to control two motors individually/in conjunction with 2 different directions.
  • Being able to control a DC motor voltage has a value of 2, 5VDC-13, 5VDC and continuous current consumption maximum 1, 2A.
  • Available 4 PWM frequency levels to choose from, 21,68 2,71 kHz, 338,8 kHz, Hz, 84,7 Hz.
  • Motor speed settings available via the value of duty-cycle.
  • Require additional controllers so that SPC Neo DC motors 1.2 A can drive the motor.
  • Full compatible with microcontroller module DT-51 Series, DT-AVR Series or DT-Basic Series.
  • Has two types of interfaces for communication with the controller/microcontroller, UART, I2C and TTL.
  • Using only 2 lines of data to UART TTL interface (Tx and Rx) and I2C (SDA and SCL).
  • You cancascade up to 8 modules if you use I2C interface.
  • I2C address settings through software (I2C address settings can only be done via the UART interface-TTL).
  • Have the configuration pin-out 16-pin DIP 600mil, so the module can be directly connected to the project board, PCB or IC socket holes, 16-pin DIP 600mil.



  • 1x SPC Neo DC Motor 1.2 A.
  • 1x DVD.

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