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SPC Wireless Gamepad Interface is a media liaison between humans with a wide variety of electronic equipment to be controlled wirelessly. This module is suitable for controlling various kinds of electronic equipment that requires a lot of control action, either analog or digital control controls. An example of its application is the robot car, robot arms, toyremotecontrol, surveillance cameras, and others.


  • TX Module: 9 cm (L) x 6, 8 cm (W) x 1, 9 cm (H)
  • RX module: 9, 1 cm (L) x 6, 5 cm (W) x 2, 5 cm (H)
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  • The module consists of TX and RX module. Module TX is connected with a gamepad that is compatible with the PlayStation ® console .
  • Work on frequency bands 433MHz.
  • Using an antenna with a gain of 3.0 verticals, polarization, dBi impedance 50 ohm, the standard connectors and SMA.
  • The maximum range of wireless communication is 100 meters in open space (without obstruction).
  • There are 60 channels of communication, so 60 pairs of SPC module Wireless Gamepad Interface can work simultaneously on the same place within a radius of 100 meters.
  • Autoscanning in the use of the communication channel, so there is no need for hardware settings and minimize the possibility of mutually overlapping use of the Canal.
  • Gamepad support DUALSHOCK ® 2 is used at the console the PlayStation ® 2.
  • Supports 12 button 4 button action, direction, and 2 analog joysticks on the gamepad.
  • Support vibrate mode on your gamepad.
  • PWM output with 2 sets of 300 Hz frequency that works in accordance with an analog joystick Byway on the gamepad.
  • 12 digital output lines that work in accordance with the conditions of the action buttons on the gamepad.
  • Available 1 piece TTL UART communication lines/RS-232 on each module to perform two-way data communication wirelessly with the speed of 38.400 bits per second.
  • There is a serial cable that can be used to connect the modules TX/RX to the COM port of the computer.
  • Supports 2 modes of control, i.e. the axis mode and steeringmode. This control Mode can be set via a button combination action emphasis on the gamepad.
  • There are two power supply options, i.e. 4.8-5.4 Volt DC or 9-12 volts DC.
  • Fully compatible with EMS modules H-Bridge.



  • 1x Wireless Gamepad Module TX SPC Interface.
  • 1x Wireless Gamepad Module RX SPC Interface.
  • 2x 433MHz antenna (P = 110mm).
  • 1x gamepad.
  • 1x serial cable.
  • 1x quick start.
  • 1x CD.

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