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Why example code for Neo GSM Starter Kit can not detect provider signal?

Becauser there is and error on example code at DVD version 4.0 to 4.1. As a solusion, using the latest software update : Delphi NeoGSM rev

How to setting the bit rate on I2C interface for SPC Neo DC/Stepper Motor 1.2A/2.4A?

On the manual for SPC Neo DC/Steppoer Motor 1.2A/2.4A has been described that maximum bit rate frequency for I2C is 50kHz. But when using CodeVisionAVRE 2.05.3A, if bit rate frequnecy setting is lower than 50kHz, the program can not work properly. This is because the bit rate frequency is not exactly on 50kHz. Click here for more information.


How to upload skecth and bootloader into DT-AVR Inodunio using Arduino IDE?
Why when using DT-AVR ATmega128L BMS with bootloader ver 1.0 software and AVR-GCC compiler can not run intertupt subroutine?

This is because an error on bootloader ver.1.0 software. As the solution, need to add two command before using the interrupt :

MCUCR = (1<<IVCE);   

MCUCR = 0; 

The version of bootloader can be viewed in Read - Bootloader Version. This problem can be solved by update your bootloader software to ver 1.1, so do not need to adding two command as shown in above. New version bootloader 1.1 for DT-AVR ATmega128L begin from Serial Number 51.68.116.

 Why the DT-HiQ AVR/AVR-51 USB ISP [mkII version] can not be detected as jungo but libusb-win32 device in device manager?X

This is because the installation process is done without using "install-filter-win.exe" software but using "inf-wizard.exe" software. This is caused the DT-HiQ AVR/AVR-51 only can be used for AVRDUE or another software which is using libusb library.

This is the step how to fix this problem :

  • Open folder WINDOWSinf on system.
  • Find the file who named oemX.inf, where X is a number.
  • Open all of the files one by one to find the correct file which is created by "inf-wizard.exe" software. The file which is created by "inf-wizard.exe" has a text is shown in below :


  • When the file is found, delete the file with file extention .PNF who has the same name.


  • Uninstall AVRISP mkII in libusb-win32 devices.


  • After uninstall, unplug the power supply for DT-HiQ AVR/AVR-51 USB ISP and then plug again.
  • DT-HiQ AVR/AVR-51 USP ISPS can be detected as jungo with name AAAAA AVRISP MkII AAAA.


  • Update the driver using path : AVRStudio_intallation_folderAtmelAVR Jungo USBusb32 "for 32-bit Operating sytem" and AVRStudio_installation_folderAtmelAVR Jungo USBusb64 "for 64-bit operating system".
  • If all of the step is done correctly, DT-HiQ AVR-AVR-51 USB ISP should be detected as jungo with name AVRISP mkII. Please follow the manual to use DT-HiQ AVR/AVR-51 USB ISP with BASCOM-AVR or CodeVisonAVR.
  • If want to use AVRDEDE, please using "install-filter-win.exe" sofware.



Why DT-HIQ Programmer sofware (Programmer 1.2.exe) can not work and shown an error "Exception EOleSysError in module Programmer 1.2.exe...."?

Software for DT-HiQ Programmer (Programmer 1.2.exe) is fully compatible with XP, VISTA, Win7, Win8 32-bit/64-bit). This software needs flash player add-on which is usually used on broswer software. The installation process can be done by Internet Explorer software.

Why the exaple code for EMS SD MMC FRAM can not be done when recompiled using CodeVisionAVR ver 2.04?XX


The example code which is included in CD/DVD is created using CodeVision ver 1.25.

So, if this example code is recompiled using CodeVision ver 2.04 can not be done.

Here is a link for example code EMS SD MMC FRAM using CodeVisionAVR ver 2.04.

Why failure occurs when using DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP and shown an error message "STK500/AVRISP Error Leaving Programming Mode" on CodeVisionAVR software?

Connection failure of DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP can be caused of several things, such as :

  • there is some problem on target board
  • incorrect hardware connection
  • incorrect operation sequence
  • incorrect programmer configuration

This problem can be fixed by following this step :

  • Check hardware connection, power supply, cable, etc
  • Check connection betwen DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP with target board.
  • Make sure your setting programmer is STK500 or AVRISP and using correct comport.
  • Change the SCK Freq.

  • Following this step :
    • Unplug power supply from the target board.
    • Connect your DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP into target board through ISP port.
    • Plug power supply into target board.
    • Connect the DT-HIQ AVR USB ISP to the PC through USB port.
    • Try yo close and then reopen CodeVisonAVR if error still occurs.
  • If error this occurs, disconnect all of the additional circuit from the target board.

Especially for DT-COMBO AVR-51 Starter Kit, if occur an error "STK500/AVRISP Error Leaving Programming Mode", following this step.

Why while starting to downloading code into microcontroller or read the signature byte using DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP uses CodeVisionAVR failure occours?

This error occur is caused by several thins :

  • USB cable of DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP not connected to the PC
  • DT-HiQ AVR USP ISP has not get a power source from target baord.
  • Incorrect comport or comport has allready open by another software.

This error is known by error message :

"The communication to COMx is not available use another COM port!"


  • If DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP still connected to the power source, disconnect and then reconnect.
  • Unplug and then plug again USB cable
  • Make sure there is only one CodeVisionAVR software is opened.
  • Make sure there is another software uses the same comport.
Why the program which is accessing PPI8255 on download mode can be work normally but can not properly on stand alone mode?

This is caused of signal reset which is needed for 89C51 and 82C55 are not same. 8051 requires a signal reset shorter time signal reset than 82C55 and initialization routine for 82C55 is usulally located in the beginning of the program, so when 89C51 trying to initialize, 82C55 is not ready. While download mode, it is enough time to be ready for 82C55, but stand alone mode 82C55 is not enough to got the signal reset. The solution of this problem is make a delay routine before initialize routine for 82C55 is done. For example :

DJNZ R3,Del1

How to configure a serial cable for DT-51 Minimum System 3.0?

Configuration the serial cable of DT-51 MinSys Ver 3.0 :

PC Serial Port Connector

DT-51 MinSys Serial ConnectorDB9 Male

DB9 Female

DB25 Female












Is the same betwen 89C51 which is used in DT-51 Minimum System ver 3.0 with another 80C51 microcontroller?

Yes, both microcontrollers are same, pin compatible with same architecture, but microcontroller in DT-51 Minimum System ver 3.0 has been included with firmware for donwloading and debugging.

Execution DT51L -s can not work properly, even power supply is given in DT-51 Minimum System and serial cable has been connected?

Check serial port in PC (using mouse).

Can I get schematic circuit of DT-51 Minimum System?

We do note share the schematic circuit of DT-51 Minimum System, but for several reason we will consider it.

How much the maximum limit for read-write process of 28C64 EEPROM in DT-51 Minimum System?

Based on datasheet the maximum limit is 100.000. That is more than enough to develop a new system. But if it is needed, the EEPROM can be changed to SRAM 6264 directly and does not need to add or change the hardware.

How to write data into EEPROM 28C64 in DT-51 Minimum System?

Download AN37 in Application Note page. This application is describe how to uses DT-51 Minimum System.

Is Innovative Electronics provide book or CD which are contains about MCS-51 microcontroller?

Now, we are considering to give some training about MCS-51. Meanwhile, tutorial and training material for MCS-51 can be downloaded in Totorial page in this website and  we provide book "Panduan Dasar Mikrokontroler Keluarga MCS-51" and "Panduan Praktikum Dasar Mikrokontroler Keluarga MCS-51" publised by Innovative Electronics.

Can I buy the PCB only from DT-51 Series and de KITS Series?

We do not sell DT-51 Series and de KITS Series in PCB version, but as the module.

If IC SPC in de KITS SPC Series is broken, can I change directly the IC with new one?


SPC controller has a firmware wich has been downloaded before shipping. Without firmware inside the IC, SPC module can not work properly.


Are the drivers that was included in Innovative Electronics' products can be used with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8 Operating System?

Drivers that was included in our products has been tested and can be used along with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8 Operating System. You can follow this steps to install it on Windows 8.

How can i get the necessary files for Innovative Electronic' products? The DVD that was included in the package is unreadable/lost.

In each our products page, we already provide "Download File Pendukung" download link. This link contains the necessary files for each products.

  • Choose products page

  • Choose category of the product you have

  • In the left side, please click "Download File Pendukung" link.

  • Choose the folder you want to download.


Why is DT_HiQ AVR USB ISP mkII/DT-HiQ AVR USB-51 USB ISP mkII can not be used to burn Arduino bootloader through Arduino IDE 1.0.1 or below?

It is because of avrdude software that was used by Arduino IDE is not compatible with DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP mkII. This following link is the guide and avrdude file that is compatible with DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP mkII.

Why is DT-HiQ AVR/AVR-51 USB ISP [versi mkII] can't write/burn for ATmega8535, ATmega8515 and ATmega1280, even though the chip signature, clear, blank check, and fuse bit configuration process can be done?

To solve the problem, please update the configuration file for each chip.

You can do it following these steps:


  • Copy "ATmega1280.xml", "ATmega8515.xml" dan "ATmega8535.xml" files in the DVD which was included in your product package.

  • Put those files in the AVRStudio (default) "C:Program FilesAtmelAVR ToolsPartdescriptionfiles"
  • Please do the write process again
  • If nothing goes wrong, and all the driver instalation has been done correctly, you should be able to do write process



Why I can't use DT-HiQ AVR/AVR-51 USB ISP with AVR Studio 5? Even though everything went normal when I use the same target board and DT-HiQ AVR/AVR-51 USB ISP with AVR Studio 4?

You need to do some configuration before you can use it with AVR Studio 5. You can find more information about the configuration from this link.

I can run the tester code for DT-AVR Low Cost Micro System / DT-AVR Low Cost Nano System with no problem. But when I change the microcontroller with another microcontroller (same type), then download the tester code into the microcontroller, it doesn't work?

AVR microcontroller has a fusebit feature that can be used to change oscillator frequency. If you buy a new microcontroller, as default, the fusebit has been set to make the oscillator frequency run at 1MHz (internal). Microcontroller in DT-AVR Low Cost Micro System and DT-AVR Low Cost Nano System has been set to run at 4MHz (external). You can find more information about seeting the fusebit in this article.

Why the tester code for EMS Ethernet Module can't be compiled with CodeVisionAVR ver 2.04?

The sample code in the CD was made with CodeVisionAVR ver 1.25. It can't be compiled because there are some revision within CodeVisionAVR itself. You can find the revised code, so it can be compiled with CodeVisionAVR ver 2.04, in this link.

Why DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP can't be used to program AVR microcontroller in DT-COMBO AVR-51 Starter Kit, even though this board (with the same configuration) can be programmed using another programmer device?

There are some DT-COMBO AVR-51 Starter Kit boards that needs a little different method so it can be programmed using DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP. This is due to analog mux IC (74HC4053D) on DT-COMBO AVR-51 Starter Kit which is used to switch ISP and IO lines. There are some mux ICs that can't accommodate the speed of DT HiQ AVR USB ISP which is a lot faster than DT-HiQ AVR In System Programmer. Please follow this link for more information regarding this problem.

When programming microcontroller using DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP, a failure occurred in the middle of the process.

This problem can occur because there are some trouble in supply line (poor connection or a voltage drop) to DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP, or there is a USB connection problem between the PC and DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP. You will likely to get this message when this is occur : "The communication to COMx is not available use another COM port!" or "Write function failed (win error code : x)"


  • For most cases: after you close the error window and make sure that the supply and USB connection are normal, you can do the programming with no problem.
  • For some cases: even though you already closed the error window and make sure that the supply and USB line are connected properly, the warning window still comes up. You can try do the following steps:
    • Turn off the supply to DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP (for instance is to remove the ISP cable from target board's ISP header, or you can remove target board's power supply)
    • Disconnect DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP USB connection from your computer
    • Make sure if there is no "chip programmer" window opened in CodeVisionAVR (please note that you can run multiple CodeVisionAVR)
    • Connect DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP's ISP cable to target board's ISP header and then turn on the target board
    • Make sure that DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP can enter standby mode (DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP's status LED will blink at 2 seconds interval)
    • Connect DT-HiQ AVR USB ISP to PC using USB cable
    • Do the microcontroller programming process (read / write) just as usual
Why DT51L.EXE software (downloader) and DT51D.EXE software (debugger) are always generating run-time error if run on PC with Pentium Classic processor (MMX, Celeron, PII, PIII) or later?

Older version of DT51L.EXE and DT51D.EXE was developed with Turbo Pascal 7, which has some trouble with delay time if run on PC with Pentium Classic processor or later. To solve this, you can patch your software. We already include the software in each floppy disk (if you don't have them, please ask us). The newer version of DT51L.EXE and DT51D.EXE can run on Pentium 4 2,4 GHz based PC. You can download both of them in the update section.

How can I write a program in a language which is compatible with DT-51 MinSys Ver 3.0?

DT-51 MinSys Ver 3.0 is a 89C51 development tools which is derived from MCS51 familly. So if you want to code, you should learn MCS51's instruction sets (you can learn it in our MCS51 tutorial section, or in 89C51's manual). After you have some understanding for the instruction sets, you can start to write your code in editor then save it in (usually) .ASM extention. You can assemble your .ASM file using assembler software, for example ASM-51 from Intel, or ALDS from STTS (you can get ASM51 software from our website). The result from assembly process is usually a .BIN extention file. You have to convert the file to Intel HEX, for some assembler you can obtained it (for example, ALDS).

How can I add more 32 Kbytes memory space for DT-51 MinSys Ver 3.0?

All the pins for RAM expansion has been provided on DT-51 MinSys Ver 3.0's expansion slot. You can add more RAM space following below ilustration.

Can I save a program inside 89C51's PEROM on DT-51 MinSys Board?

You can do it, but doing so will erase the kernel for downloading and debugging which are provided by default. Your program will be saved inside of DT-51 MinSys's non-volatile, so you don't have to worry about it being erased in power-up or power-down event.

Can I use Dt-51 MinSys' Serial Port for another purpose? Or is it only for downloading?

Serial Port on DT-51 MinSys can be used as you need. This port will be used for downloading only if you want to program the microcontroller. Please note that if you use debugging feature, the Serial Port will be occupied and can't be used for another purpose.

How to run DT-51 MinSys in stand alone mode?
How to write data to 28C64 EEPROM on DT-51 MinSys board?

Please download AN37 from our Application Note section. This Application Note will give you steps how to use DT-51 MinSys ver 3.0 and also it contains some Frequently Asked Question.

Is there any books in Bahasa Indonesia which explain MCS51?

You can find book with title "Bereksperimen dengan Mikrokontroler 8031" from Elex Media and "Panduan Praktikum Dasar Mikrokontroler Keluarga MCS-51" from Innovative Electronics.

Does IE provide a book / CD which contains complete information about MCS51?

Training for MCS51 is still in progress at the moment. In the meantime, you can get our tutorial from our website and "Panduan Dasar Mikrokontroler Keluarga MCS-51" and "Panduan Praktikum Dasar Mikrokontroler Keluarga MCS-51" book by Innovative Electronics.

Where can I find more tutorial and information about Fuzzy Logic?

You can download AN16 from Application Note section.

How long is the guarantee Innovative Electronics give for all its products?

All of Innovative Electronics' products has gone through tight QC process so, Innovative Electronics will not give any guarantee for its products. If there is a failure, we can repair the product but the components used for repairing as well as shipping charges will be paid by customer. We will not invoke any service fee as long as you can show us your purchase note within 1 year from purchase date.