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EMS Basic Interface Shield

Shield for basic communication learning of Ethernet, I2C, SPI, and UART using Arduino™

EMS Relay Shield

Relay shield for Arduino™.

EMS Basic I/O Shield

Shield for basic learning of input/output, ADC, and DAC using Arduino™

EMS Logger PiShield

ADC, DAC, and RTC shield for Raspberry Pi®

EMS XB Shield

XB Shield for DT-AVR Inoduino or another Arduino microcontroller / Arduino compatible. This shield fully compatible with XBee or Xbee-PRO.

EMS LCD Display

16 characters x 2 rows LCD module with 10-pin connectors and compatible with pin configuration of DT-51/DT-AVR Low Cost series.

EMS 30 A H-Bridge

H-Bridge full driver based on VNH3SP30 which can drive motor in forward and reverse with continuous current up to 30 A at 5,5 V – 36 V.

EMS 5 A H-Bridge

Full H-Bridge driver which is equipped with current sense and can driver continuous current up to 5A at 5VDC - 40VDC.

EMS 2 A Dual H-Bridge

2 H-Bridge full driver which comes with current sense feature and can drive motor in forward and reverse with continuous current up to 2A.



Add-on module for micocontroller/microprocessor to support intefacing with Secure Digital (SD) card and MMC. It's equipped with nonvolatile FRAM as buffer....


EMS 1 A Dual H-Bridge

Four H-Bridge driver which can drive continuous current up to 1A at 4,5VDC - 36VDC.


EMS DTMF Decoder

DTMF module which is used to detection and decomposition DTMF signal into digital data.


EMS Dataflash Memory

4M-bit non volatile memory module based in AT45DB0041B which has SPI interface.



Ethernet communication interface module for microcontroller/microprocessor via SPI interface based IC ENC28J60 with integrated MAC and 10 Base-T PHY.


EMS RF Transceiver Shield

RF transceiver shield for Arduino with SPI interface.


EMS Blue Shield

Bluetooth shield for DT-AVR Inoduino or Arduino modules / Arduino Compatible modules. Ardunio or Ardunio Compatible can join to the bluetooth network only...


EMS WiFi Shield

WiFi shield for Arduino or Arduino compatible. Arduino module can connect to the WiFi through UART interface.


EMS Low Voltage Dual H-Bridge

2 Full H-Bridge drivers which can drain current 0,7A continuously at 2V - 6,8V.



RFID shield for DT-AVR Inoduino or another Arduino microcontroller/Arduino Compatible. This shield uses I2C interface to communicate with microcontroller.