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DT-Robot Tank Shield is a shield for DT-AVR Inoduino, Arduino Mega, Arduino UNO and another compatible arduino. This shield help Arduino module to be a tank robot. This kit uses dual full H-Bridge driver motor with metal gearbox. This kit also uses 2,4cm aluminium wheel with caterpillar. The uses of this shield is versy simple, just connected this shield to the Arduino module, then the Arduino module is already to be a tank robot. This kit is well suited for Wireless RF Remote Tank, Bluetooth Remote tank, Android mobile robot, image tacking robot, fire fighting robot, etc.

Dimension : 16 cm (L) x 10,4 cm (W) x 6,5 cm (H)

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Specifications :

  • Based on 1,2A dual full H-Bridge driver TN6612FNG,
  • Two dc motor with metal gearbox.
  • 2,4cm Aluminium wheels
  • Ten wheels and caterpillar.
  • Yellow metal frame.
  • Uses SMD components and through hole and double layer PCB.
  • 5VDC input voltage for electronics circuit.
  • 5VDC input voltage for dc motor.
  • Comes with L key for pair the wheel
  • Comes with example code.
  • Available Wireless RF Remote Tank Application Note.
  • Fully compatible with DT-AVR Inoduino.
  • Compatible with Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega.

Video :

Includes :

  • 1x DT-Robot Tank Shield.
  • 1x L key.

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