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DT-AVR Uno R3 is a module based on ATmega328P. This module is an Arduino Uno R3 clone with several differences: uses micro USB connector, different USB driver, and 3.3V regulator with maximum current of 300 mA.

Dimension: 7,05 cm (L) x 5,33 cm (W) x 1,49 cm (H)

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  • Based on ATmega328P.
  • 32 KB Flash memory (0.5 KB for bootloader), 1K Byte EEPROM, 2K Byte SRAM.
  • 20 I/O lines (including 6 10-bit ADC channels).
  • Micro USB port for communication, programming, or power supply input.
  • External 16 MHz crystal oscillator.
  • SPI, UART TTL, I2C and USB interface.
  • Internal voltage regulator 3.3 VDC (max. current of 300 mA) and 5 VDC (max. current of 800 mA).
  • Requires external 7 - 12 VDC power supply or power from USB cable connected to computer.

Video :


  • 1x Board DT-AVR Uno R3


A product package is also available, DT-AVR Uno R3 Starter Kit, with DT-AVR Uno R3EMS Basic I/O ShieldServo Motor, Micro USB Cable, Jumper Cables, and Basic Arduino book.

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