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EMS Relay Shield is a relay shield with 3 mechanical relays. This shield is compatible with DT-AVR Uno R3, DT-AVR Inoduino, Arduino™ Leonardo/DT-AVR Leoduino, Arduino™ Uno/DT-AVR Unoduino, and Arduino™ Mega/DT-AVR Maxiduino.

Dimension: 8.61 cm (L) x 6.36 cm (W) x 2.63 cm (H).

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  • 3 SPDT relays, each with their own Normally Close, Normally Open, and Common connectors.
  • Power source options: regulator (external power supply) or Arduino board.
  • Selectable relay's control input pin.

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  • 1x EMS Relay Shield.

Application Note Table

Article File Desc date
[AN230] Lampu Taman Otomatis

turning lights on and off automatically based on light sensor and RTC