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EMS Basic Interface Shield is an add-on/shield for Arduino™ / Arduino™ Compatible boards. This shield can be used to learn ethernet communication (W5500), SPI (MMA7455L), I2C (DS1307), and UART.

This shield is compatible with Arduino™ Uno R3/DT-AVR Uno R3, and ArduinoTM Mega R3. This shield also supports ArduinoTM Leonardo/DT-AVR Leoduino, /DT-AVR Unoduino, DT-AVR Inoduino, and DT-AVR Maxiduino (pay attention to the pin allocation).

Dimension: 6.11 cm (L) x 5.34 cm (W) x 2.4 cm (H)

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Specifications :

  • W5500 (ethernet).
  • 3 axis accelerometer sensor MMA7455L (SPI).
  • Real Time Clock DS1307 (I2C).
  • 2 Tactile Switches as inputs.
  • 2 LEDs (Blue and Red) as light indicators.
  • Draws power from Arduino board.
  • A product package with Arduino 2 book is also available.

Video :

Includes :

  • 1x EMS Basic Interface Shield.

Application Note Table

Article File Desc date
[AN231] Monitoring Accelerometer, RTC, dan Switch Melalui Web Browser

simple web server showing accelerometer, RTC, and tactile switch reading